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Bill McGuireBill is a much called-upon TV and radio pundit whenever a natural catastrophe strikes. He was heavily involved with and appeared in two of the most popular programmes in the BBC2 Horizon series: Supervolcanoes and Megatsunami: Wave of Destruction and was the focus of the Carlton First Edition programme: Disasterman. He has also presented two series on BBC Radio 4, Disasters in Waiting and Scientists under Pressure. He was Chief Consultant for the major BBC science drama, Supervolcano, and was one of the key subjects of the highly rated Channel 4 ‘docudrama’, Krakatoa, and award-winning The Wave that Shook the World, about the Indian Ocean tsunami. In 2006 he presented the End of the World Reports on Channel 5 and the Sky News Channel, which looked at global geophysical catastrophes. Other credits include Newsnight, The Today Programme, The Richard & Judy Show, The South Bank Show, and The Terry & Gabby Show. Bill is Series Consultant for the 2020 National Geographic series, X-Ray the Earth.