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guide to global hazards

Buy Now! W.J. McGuire & R Kovach

Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Philip's (15 Oct 2003)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0540083887


This pocket-sized reference looks at the many and various threats to life on Earth from disasters that threaten large regions or the whole globe. It should be useful to geography and social studies students and to all readers interested in politics, current affairs and the environment. The book discusses the many hazards that face us, taking each in turn: earthquakes, volcanoes, weather (including hurricanes and tornadoes), snow and ice, floods, tidal waves and tsunamis, forest fires, drought and famine, epidemic disease, pollution and habitat loss, climate change (including El Nino and global warming), and cosmic disasters (such as meteor strikes).

Each section describes the phenomenon, with clear text and illustrations, and gives case-histories of some of the world's most terrifying and destructive cataclysms, focusing on both the human and the geophysical aspects of these tragedies. There is much emphasis on the future and the very real threats to the lives and well-being of not just individuals and communities but humanity as a whole. Areas prone to particular hazards (such as earthquake zones, volcanic regions, flood zones) are illustrated and mapped.


'A great collection of facts and explanations of what we must do to preserve the Earth and its inhabitants'
Allen Staver / American Reference Books Annual, Volume 36/ 2005

'The illustrations are outstanding. The quality and clarity of the written text is also exceptional.'
Rayna Patton /VOYA/ 200406

'Richly illustrated... concise, well-written message... a quick, readable reference on a very wide variety of life-endangering natural hazards... recommended'.
E.R. Swanson / Choice

'Concise but thorough... a wealth of information... outstanding color photographs, computer graphics, diagrams, and charts.'
Claudia Moore / School Library Journal

'This exhaustive guide... may instill fear in the heart of any thoughtful person by the sheer range of threats.'
Nola Theiss / KLIATT

'As compact as a field guide and as complete as an encyclopedia... a comprehensive reference on global events... highly recommended.'
Charles K. Jervis / NSTA Recommends (National Science Teachers Association)